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Construction of MISCO's Workshop Published August 7, 2017

The construction of MISCO's workshop started last month, July and it's on-going until today. The completion is expected to be next month, September if no other problem occurs along the way. The current website gives us an arial update of the on-going construction provided google maps is up-to-date. The design of the buildings is available on the website, just click the 'Multimedia' tab and select 'Images'. Stay tune for more updates.

MISCO Services Catering Some Industries in the Region Published August 7, 2017

MISCO Services after the completion of the workshop will be catering some Industries in the region. As stated on our Mission, "To be the reliable service provider in the region for valves, pumps and fabrication works", expect the full swing of these services in the near future. Although we are located in Jubail Industrial Area the extent of these services could go further than beyond this area and we are targeting the whole eastern region as the start of this first and second year. Who knows in the future MISCO will be having another site in the other region.

Clients of MISCO now on the List Published August 7, 2017

We have eight major clients who are now listed on our main website, these are the following: ARAMCO, SABIC, SIPCHEM, GULF FARABI, TASNEE, SAHARA, SCECO and STC. The other clients on the list are as follows: Ministry of Education, King Faisal University, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Saudi Oger, Ministry of Interior, National Guard, Municipality, Imam University, Civil Defense and Majmaa University.

Some International Businesses for Future Partnership with MISCO Published August 8, 2017

It is promising to have business partners from around the world. Right now MISCO is currently in the process of communicating with several companies outside the gulf. Most of them are suppliers of materials for repairs and parts for valve replacements.

MISCO Website Still Under Construction at the Background Published August 8, 2017 | Updated August 19, 2017

The development of our website is still on-going at the background. This is to give our services time to become applicable in any devices in the future. Today we encourage everyone to use laptop or pc with Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge for good browsing. Another development just new to our website, you may now access our Social Media Links located below the footer area. In the future development you will be able to see the website on your mobile phones and tablets.